Evan Heidtmann — Websites That Work

This page lists my current and past web development work. In every case, I have used the excellent Drupal content management platform to provide a stable, secure, and well-supported site which can be easily updated by the client.

My most recent work involves Javascript, PHP, CSS, and HTML in the context of Drupal. I've been building websites and writing code for almost ten years. I speak Perl, C/C++, Java, PHP, CSS, HTML, SQL, and JavaScript.


May 2010 to present

ByteBloc Software produces work scheduling software specifically tailored for the needs of emergency physicians. Their flagship products EPSKED and WebSked together provide powerful tools for automatic conflict resolution, simple distribution of computed schedules, and allow employees to easily submit their schedule requests online. ByteBloc uses their website to advertise their products and provide online documentation and support for their customers.

I was asked to update the aesthetics of the website and bring the existing content into a more dynamic platform. I transitioned the content from a collection of Frontpage documents to a custom Drupal installation. I customized theme elements to the client's specifications, provided a dynamic form solution, and helped staff to learn the new system.

The new Drupal-based website was launched in May of 2011. Its dynamic features and specialized forms have improved internal data consistency and have allowed staff to easily update the online documentation they provide for their customers. I am continuing to work with ByteBloc to help them get the most out of their new site.

Visit the new bytebloc.com


December 2011 to present

My bluegrass band in Austin, TX needed a website to reach out to fans, to keep track of show dates, and to sell our albums and merchandise with a minimum of middle-man fees. I integrated the third-party widgets and social media features we were already using to promote ourselves, added a few choice photos in a rotating queue, and created a band logo just in time for our first release. Thanks to the online store features I included, we shipped out our first online order direct to Australia the day after our release party.

Visit whiskeyshivers.com


November 2011

Coiltek designs, builds, and sells products for manufacturing, including loop control devices, winding systems, and custom systems for miscellaneous material handling. They asked me to build a simple and easy-to-use website to facilitate communication with their customers and provide an accessible online catalog of their products and services.

Working closely with one of their staff, I developed and launched a Drupal-based site in just four days. I also trained their staff in basic Drupal usage, allowing them to update product or online documentation whenever needed.

Visit coiltek.com


June 2009 to present

A small group of Buddhist vegan cooks in the Portland area uses this website to share recipes with each other. The group's online existence was previously limited to a collection of emails exchanged among members. The site is already making it easier for members to refer to their recipes. A recently added commenting and discussion feature promises to allow more cooks to contribute to the group.

The client asked me to construct a simple and easy-to-use website where the members of the group could post their culinary discoveries. I developed a complete solution using Drupal 6.13. I modified the Garland theme and developed a logo image to match the theme of the group. I evaluated, selected, installed, and customized a few contributed modules as needed. The result is a simple and elegant website that exactly meets the needs of the group.

Visit mindfulcooking.org


July 2009 to present

The Portland Assocation of Teachers is a union that represents teachers, counselors, and other professional educators employed in the Portland Public Schools. The Association uses their website to distribute information to its membership, publish a regular newsletter, and collect the results of internal elections.

The union's in-house website administrator asked me to facilitate an overhaul of the existing site. We worked together to transition the site from a collection of mostly static pages developed in FrontPage to a dynamic site using Drupal. Members of the union are now able to update the site with far greater ease.

I evaluated, selected, installed, and customized modules for the site, while the union's web administrator selected and customized the visual theme. I continue to manage some aspects of the site and serve as a technical advisor. I am currently migrating internal databases from Microsoft Access to MySQL with a web interface.

Visit patpdx.org


December 2003 to July 2005

Lincoln High School has about 1400 students and over 60 teachers and staff. The school uses their website as a repository of information for students, parents, faculty, and staff. The school maintains a calendar of events and regularly publishes news on the site.

I played a leading role in building this site from the ground up when I was attending Lincoln High. I selected the Drupal content management platform, taught faculty, staff, and students how to update the site, and oversaw its operation for nearly two years. I worked with students to produce a visually attractive design and with staff to make maintenance as easy as possible.

Even after I left Lincoln, the school continued to use the site for several years without significant maintenance. In the summer of 2010, Portland Public Schools transitioned all schools to a centralized CMS, moving my Drupal work to the history books.